I know it’s been awhile since I have posted. Things have gotten pretty crazy with moving and everything. I promise to show pictures of our house SOON! Anyway, when Nick and I were renting we were not allowed to have any pets of any kind (well, except fish) so we were SUPER excited about being able to FINALLY have the option of owning a pet once we bought our new house. Both of us thought that the first pet we would own would be a new puppy and that almost happened but we have to be patient with that one (hopefully one will be arriving in time for Christmas). However, we NEVER thought we would own a cat, especially a grown one! In fact, Nick didn’t even like cats! It’s funny how quickly your mind can change. Anyway, it all started at our old house. This pretty cat started sleeping on our deck everyday and since she always looked hungry, we decided to set out some food for her. Eventually she never left and kind of adopted us. Nick was a little hesitant to all of this at first but once he saw how sweet she was, he decided she wasn’t so bad! We started letting her warm up in the house for a few hours at a time (gasp!) and once we had officially moved, we felt it would be best if we just moved her with us! The car ride was less than favorable for her but once she got here, she never left our yard! In fact, we have officially decided that she is going to be a house cat (which I vowed would never happen) and she doesn’t like going outside much! Haha! She is so incredibly sweet and we absolutely love her! Nick even adores here! We have decided to name her Sophie (since she loves laying on the sofa, hehe) and have really enjoyed cuddling with her. She is a very calm cat and LOVES to sleep! Haha! Her current favorite place to lay is underneath our Christmas tree although I think she could sleep almost anywhere! Here are a few pictures that my husband took. He and Sophie have been able to hang out every day the past few weeks because he is currently out of work due to the weather. We are praying that changes VERY soon! They have both appreciated the company though!