Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Fearless 1 Year Old = A Frightened Mommy

So last night, after putting my daughter to bed I said to Nick. "We need to lower Addie's crib mattress AGAIN tomorrow." You see, she really wasn't too tall yet but she is a daredevil and likes to try and climb in things, or in this case, out if things.

Well, around 1:00 this morning she wakes up crying. Often times she will do this and fall back asleep so I layed there a few minutes. She didn't go back to sleep so I got up to get her and just as I went to open the door to her room, I heard a loud crash followed by screaming.

I knew it had happened.

I flung the door open and sprinted to where she was lying on the floor. She was on her back with a bloody nose and a bloody lip. I almost panicked. It was a nightmare!

I picked her up, Nick wiped her nose, and we quickly examined her over. Thankfully her nose and lip did not bleed much but it was enough to really scare me. As I rocked and cuddled her, she soon calmed down and we checked her for any sign of a concussion. Luckily, she checked out fine except for the growing bruise on her forehead.

Before heading back to bed, Nick lowered the mattress for me. I ended up staying up and rocking Addison a lot of the night just to be sure she was okay. We woke up the next morning a little tired and the only sign anything had happened was the bruise on my poor baby's head.