Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Post It Tuesday

It's Post It Note Tuesday which is brought to you by SupahMommy!

For today's Post It Note Tuesday I decided to share a funny teaching moment.
Don't you just love sweet and innocent children? :D

And because I can't create a post without a picture...here is your picture of the day!
My three favorite kids in the whole entire world, our nieces and nephew! :D Did I mention that I get to see them this week? They are coming out for Easter!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Finds

FINALLY! Here it is and in no particular order this week! :D

I fell in love with this amazing camera strap cover that Stacey from Fun To Craft made! She even gives a tutorial on how to make one yourself!

And check out this amazing name artwork! I am definitely keeping this company in mind!

Isn't this ruffle necklace crazy cool? Oh how I would LOVE making one for myself!

Isn't this Color fabric/quiet book adorable? It would make a great gift!

The stay put towel is a must have in my kitchen! Mine are ALWAYS falling off!

This skirt is not only super cute, it's also very convenient!

How about this storage solution? A wine rack turned into a yarn rack! GENIUS!

And my favorite find for this week? This amazing quick change corsage necklace! I LOVE IT! It's at the top of my To Make List. :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

On a happier note...

Oh how I love and miss them dearly!This picture was taken in a canyon near our area. We had stopped to check out the bighorns on the cliffs. My dad is obviously pointing something out to me and my mom is waiting patiently! Isn't she beautiful? Sorry about the picture mom, I know you hate it but I happen to love it! :D

Monday, March 8, 2010

A sad day...

Warning: It's a sad post day.

I was SO excited about this month. It was going great. No real symptoms predicting that my aunt flow (darn her) was due to arrive and there were even a few things that might possibly point to a pregnancy. My husband and I just kept thinking "This could be it!" and it was perfect because our families were coming to visit us just in time. We were thrilled that we might be able to actually share our excitement with them in person and not over the phone. We even went as far to think "Maybe this was God's plan all along."

Yet here I am, sitting here, feeling the cramps come and go. DANG. I know that twinge of pain too well. It's the pain that makes my heart sink every month. She is due to arrive tomorrow. Looks like she will be stopping by after all. GREAT.

Man am I bummed today. It figures that it would take her this long to start showing off her symptoms. I was so hopeful. That's what I get I guess. You would think that after this many months I would be used to it; that it wouldn't affect me so. For some reason, it hurts worse with each passing month. We are starting to forget what it was like to hope.

Tears pierce my eyes as I type this. I am sick to my stomach. I want to be a mother so badly. I want to know what it feels like to have a little one, OUR little one, growing inside of me. How wonderful would it be to feel him/her twisting and turning and kicking me just letting me know that he/she is in there. I could care less if I got stretch marks or gained weight. I could care less if I end up sick the entire time. It would all be worth it just knowing that I finally get to be a mommy!

I see so many of my friends with their first born children growing so fast and they are already thinking it's time to have a second. As happy as I am for them, something still tugs at my heart. It hurts. I can't lie about it.

No matter how much I pray, the disappointment is always there, stronger than ever. I suppose that's expected. The Lord knows my heart and He knows my temperament. He knows I will be hurt every time I receive that little (-) sign. That's how He created me. I just wish He would show me why.

We do continue to trust and obey Lord. It's what we were created for. So why must it be so difficult? It during these depressing moments that I am reminded of the opposing force. Oh how I hate him. Why does he have to make life so much harder for everyone? I can't blame him for our struggles to conceive but I can certainly blame him for the way it makes me feel every single month.

The Lord is good. I know that. I HAVE TO REMEMBER THAT. I am constantly reminding myself of that. Where would we be without that? Life would be too hard to bear. These moments would be too hard to bear. Oh how I love my Lord.

I apologize...

I apologize for the lack of posts on here these past few weeks. I ended up getting REALLY sick and then decided to share it with my husband who also got REALLY sick. Let's just say I have been busy recovering from my own illness and nursing my husband back to health. I think we are on the mend though! Hopefully I will be able to have my Friday Finds post ready this Friday. I have so much to share and am not sure how to narrow it down. We will see what happens! :D