Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Recap

Seriously? How is it already November? This year is just flying by. Thanksgiving is in three weeks, then it will be Christmas, and before I know it, my baby will be two! I'm not sure I'm ready for that! :)

Anyway, as promised, here are the pictures from our Halloween! We had so much fun taking Addie trick-or-treating around town. Last year, she was too little and since it was FREEZING, we skipped the trick-or-treating. So that made this her very first experience and she loved every minute of it! We have a little girl who is addicted to sugar, (that's probably not something I should admit to, but it's true) therefore, she was over the moon excited every time someone put a piece of candy into her bucket!

 Originally, Nick and I weren't going to dress up for Halloween but then he remembered that I had these ladybug wings so he thought it would be fun for me to be a ladybug since Addie was going to be a butterfly. Then he could call himself "the bug catcher"! I wasn't actually fond of the idea of dressing up but he was insistent upon it, so I did! I felt silly, but it was fun!

I'm not sure how other towns do trick-or-treating but I happen to love the way ours does it! First of all, it starts as soon as the kiddos get out of school. That way, they can wear their costumes for the last few hours of the school day and have their Halloween party. Then, as soon as school is out, they are already dressed and ready to go! All of the business stay open late to give out candy too which makes it a fun and safe evening for the kids to get candy. It's light out still and the parents don't have to take the kids door-to-door if they don't want to (although that is always still an option)! :) 


Since we live at a high elevation, I knew it was probably going to be pretty chilly on Halloween so I found this warm costume at Goodwill and knew it would be perfect. However, it actually ended up being a really nice evening (although it did get pretty chilly towards the end of it).

We went home afterwards and Addie couldn't wait to dive into her candy.

Of course we had to sneak in a few pictures first though!

The back of her costume was the best part though! Her wings were really pretty and sparkly!

And just for kicks and giggles, here is her costume from last year!