Tuesday, May 15, 2012


The weather has been extremely crazy here lately! On Mother's Day we had gorgeous weather in the morning and by afternoon we had marble sized hail, rain, thunder, tornado warnings, and then finally, more snow! It's nuts I tell ya! That being said, when a nice day rolls around, we take advantage of it and head outdoors!

Addison has taken quite the interest in the wildlife recently and one of her newest words is 'deer' only her version sounds more like "dee". It's adorable! We constantly have gobs of deer either in our yard or the neighbor's yard and so every time she seems them she gets really excited and yells "Dee! Dee!", making sure we have heard her so that we will pick her up and let her get a better look. 
We really love to watch her grow and develop. Every time she learns a new word, we are just so proud! I wish this growing process would slow down just a bit though because it feels as if it's going way too fast! 


  1. Cute! And yes...crazy weather!

  2. I love this. I made sure to send the link to your dad so he could enjoy it, too! Love you!


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