This past Wednesday we took our 2nd graders to the zoo. Now for those of you who don’t know me, you must know that I LOVE the zoo! I am worse than a kid when I get there! :) I get so excited about the animals that I literally get goose bumps. Now, what I didn’t realize is how much more I would love it when I actually got to take “real” kids there! Haha! I loved seeing their reactions to the animals! I ended up spending my day at the zoo with 2 different groups of giggly girls. I wasn’t supposed to have a group but I had some parents bail last minute. Anyway, here are some pictures that I took. I will walk you through the details as we go.

CIMG1721Here is one of the monkeys that let me actually get a picture of him! These little guys were so cute! Definitely my favorite of the monkeys!

CIMG1710The magnificent lion on Pride Rock. He is by far the best part of the zoo!

CIMG1744Some funny penguins.

CIMG1749Just a crazy Ostrich wanting to entertain us!

Well, that was a wrap up of our day! We all had so much fun even though some got sick and others were just plain ol’ tired! I hope you enjoyed the pictures from our trip! Have a great evening!