Saturday, May 30, 2009

Garden Progress

Well, we have been working our butts off trying to get our yard looking great and our raised beds finished and the results are starting to amaze even me! :) This week we did some serious mowing and weed eating (in places it had never been done)! My back is still sore from all of the pushing and bending over I have had to do but it is definitely worth it. We have also been mulching around our bushes and flowers (something else that had never been done) and we have had so many of our neighbors stop by and say how good it is looking! Our next door neighbors said that they have never seen it look this good! :) That made me feel really great because their yard is IMMACULATE! They are retired teachers and spend almost all of their time outdoors working on their gorgeous gardens! Anyway, I wanted to share some of the pictures of the garden that I took. I will show the before again as well as some during pictures and some current pictures. We are not yet finished and hope to get a lot done today and tomorrow too!

Garden Progress:

Before: It was a mess. The landlords kept their wood scraps here.CIMG1683

During: My husband and I cleaned up all the wood and piled it to the side. We were amazed at how deep the wood scraps were. It took us 4 hours to clean up! We discovered some amazing compost underneath so we decided to create a huge compost pile! :) CIMG1870


Current: This is what the garden area currently looks like. As you can see, the wood and compost are all piled to the side and Nick has built two raised beds. We are hoping to start out with one flower bed and one vegetable bed. Our next step is to pick up the dirt from our local nursery (it is super cheap there) along with some more plants and get everything planted in the ground! I am so excited! :)



Here is a close up shot of our compost pile. It is a work in progress! :)


Well, that’s all I have to share with you today! I will hopefully have more to share later! I have some other surprises to share with you all as well so stay tuned for those tomorrow! :)

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