Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cloth Diapering: What We've Decided

As I've mentioned a couple of times before, Nick and I have decided to cloth diaper our little one. It was an easy decision for us because of the amount of money it will save us in the long run! However, the initial cost of cloth diapers is a HUGE investment so we decided to start stocking up on them early! Today's post is going to discuss what we've decided to go with and why. I hope to make a video about this that goes into more detail later on in my pregnancy but this will give you a quick overview!First of all, we decided to go with two different types of systems. The pocket system and the all in two system. The pocket system is one of the easiest systems because it is very similar to a disposable diaper. All you have to do is put a liner in the pocket and put the diaper on the baby! The all in two system is just a tad bit more complicated. Instead of having a pocket to put the liner in, you have to place the liner on top of the diaper. The nice thing about the all in two system is that the liners can be replaced so that you can reuse the shell over and over! I really hope this makes sense. If not, I'll make sure to clarify it in my video.Here are the pocket diapers we chose:We went with the FuzziBunz one size pocket diaper. The one size diapers are nice because they can adjust to the size of your baby as it grows. They don't usually fit newborns well but once the baby weighs about 12 pounds, they work great!
I love the colors that these diapers come in! They range from brights, to pastels, to primary!
The FuzziBunz have an adjustable leg elastic that is great for babies with skinny and chunky legs!

The second pocket diaper we decided to go with were the one size BumGenius! diapers! Again, these won't fit newborns but should work once the baby hits 12 pounds.
I was a little disappointed with the color selections for this diaper but with all of the fantastic reviews I've read on it, we couldn't NOT try them out! :)This diaper is adjustable in rise. There are a series of snaps that you use to adjust the fit.

Here are the all in two diapers we chose:
The first brand we chose were the SoftBums diapers! I have heard nothing but fabulous things about this diaper and I have been super impressed with the quality of them! These diapers are also one size but they will fit newborn babies! They have a very soft shell as well as a nice soft lining.
If you look at the diagram, you can see that the lining for these diapers is removable so that you can reuse the shell over and over. The lining is a nice cloth that just snaps in and folds over. The size of this diaper is adjusted through an ingenious elastic drawstring that tightens or losens the leg gussets as the child grows!
The second all in two diapers that we chose were the gDiapers. This is a very different type of diaper because it fits into the hybrid category. With this diaper you can choose to use cloth liners or disposable/flush-able liners! These diapers are sized which means they will not grow with the baby. However, because they are sized, they have a much trimmer fit than most one size diapers.The inside of this diaper has a plastic snap in "hammock" which holds the two different types of liners. Once the liner is wet or dirty, all you need to do is pull it out, wash off the plastic, and replace with a new liner! How easy!

As you can see, we have a variety of options! I did not go with one type of diaper because of the fact that I do not know what will work best for my baby. There are certain circumstances when these two different types of diapers will be handier. For example, when we are traveling, we plan on bringing the all in two diapers so that we do not need to carry as many shells with us. When we are hanging around the house, the pocket diapers will be handy so that Nick won't have any troubles changing the baby himself!

I am so excited about cloth diapering and will continue to post about our experiences. I hope to share some of the cloth diapering accessories that we plan on using as well as how to care for them. I really hope that you enjoy learning about cloth diapering with me!


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