Thursday, August 19, 2010

Nursery Dilemmas (Part 1)!

So one thing that I've been doing A LOT lately is researching and looking for good deals on nursery furniture. The one place that I've been finding amazing deals is Wal-Mart. So what's the problem? The problem is that I like the deals but I also like the furniture to look nice! I keep checking Craig's List and Ebay but seem to keep striking out in those two areas. However, I keep thinking "What if?" Who knows if something huge might come up later right? Help me out here! here are some of the sets that we have picked out. Maybe you can give me guidance!This first set is SUPER CHEAP! $240 with free shipping! It's a great 3 piece set and even though it may not be the best quality, it has received some awesome reviews! "So what's the problem?" you ask. The bed is not convertible. Is it necessary to have a convertible bed? I get mixed answers and I have mixed feelings about it. That's the only problem we are finding. If it were convertible, this set would be a no-brainer for us!Here is the second set we've been looking at. Also VERY CHEAP! This set is $250 with free shipping! It is also a 3 piece set that has received fabulous reviews. I can't decide if I like this bed more than the other style BUT, this bed is convertible. The problem we are facing with this set is that the dresser is dinky. Is that a big deal now? Probably not. Will it be in the future when our child gets bigger? Possibly.Now onto our third option. Here is a two piece set that is GORGEOUS! It's a very reliable brand (Storkcraft) and is very well made. I love that the dresser can be used as a changing table but I have decided that I want a separate changing table since we are going to be cloth diapering and need all the storage we can get. Here lies the problem, this set is very expensive and getting the matching changing table would just be an additional cost! This set costs $336 and the matching table costs $118.

So what would you do? I know it's still early but we were kind of hoping to get this part of the nursery done before we found out the gender (on the 31st). So should we wait a little bit longer or should we go ahead and make a decision? Any advice that you could give would be great!

Oh, as a little side note, I should mention that my parents have offered to help us buy the furniture but that doesn't mean I really want to spend tons of money.



  1. Nice to see you back! :) I am a long time "lurker" of the blog. As a mom of 2 who has purchased cheaper furniture before, I have to tell you as tempting as it is - don't!! Not for baby furniture. The cheaper furniture at the discount stores look really nice - till they get some use for several months. While not all babies do this - probably 95% of them will chew away on the crib while they are teething. The cheaper stuff is usually covered with vineers that quickly peel/chip away. You don't want your baby injesting that. Real wood shavings - if they are even able to "shave" the real wood with their teeths is much better for them. Funny sounding I know buy my pediatrician even told me this!! Spend a little more and get the good quality, ESPECIALLY if you plan to use the furniture again in the future. ;) Good luck!

  2. I agree with what was said by salusa63! Plus, if you are planning to have more children do you really need it to convert? You can just use it again when that child comes along. Kara's converts, but we aren't planning on converting it at all.

  3. I say go for the more expensive pieces, too. It's worth it in the long run. Our crib doesn't convert and at first I was bummed. But if you're planning on more children, as Jamie can just use it for new baby, which is what we're doing.

    We have this mattress:
    It's pricey, but when you figure a newborn sleeps at least 70% of the just made sense to buy something of quality for his body to develop and grow while he sleeps.

  4. I also vote to go for the more expensive, but to continue to 'stalk' craigslist ... seriously, I got a $450 crib (retail price) for $75 on there and there's not a ding or scratch on it.

    I was pretty set on wanting a convertible crib also, and did end up getting one, but now with our second child he will use the crib and we're going to get Jaxon a toddler bed anyways. So - me obsessing over the convertible aspect of it was pointless. Toddler beds are cheap, even brand new, and a lot of times you can find them at garage sales or craigslist.

    Love ya!! Soooo excited for you ... hey, and post some belly pics! :)

  5. I would say splurge for the best you can afford. With our first baby I did the super budget thing and regretted it even before she arrived... I ended up getting a whole new set when she was three month old. The original crib didn't feel solid and I ended up worrying about it a lot. We bought a really good set that not only did both our daughters use, but we passed it on and it's still going strong. My friend used it for her FOUR babies and then passes it on and it has been used by two more so far...


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