Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Nursery Update!

Since discovering our little one was a girl, I have been in nursery mode! Planning is something I love to do so of course I wanted to get the ball rolling on this HUGE project that our little girl will soon call home!

Over the weekend we went to Babies R' Us to purchase the furniture that we thought we wanted. However, once entering the store and seeing all of the furniture in person, our mind was quickly changed as to what set we wanted! We thought we wanted a cherry set. However, once we saw the deal on a different set, our mind had changed! While perusing through the cribs, we came across this beautiful white set that instantly caught our eye. The crib was the exact style that I wanted and when we were checking into the details on the dresser and changing table unit, we noticed that they had a sale going. If we bought both the dresser and the changer, we could get the crib for free! WHAT? The crib was $300! How could we pass on a deal like that? We couldn't, and we didn't!I fell in LOVE with the white set BUT, to make things even more complicated for myself, I also fell in love with the bedding that was in the white crib! :) I thought I had my mind made up on a different set but now I'm just not sure! Granted, this set at Babies R' Us is a lot more expensive than the set on Ebay but HEY, if someone else is paying for it off our registry, what does it matter? Right?

Opinion time. Do you like this new set or the old set that we have picked out? The comforter on the new set has beautiful butterflies and flowers that literally pop off the blanket at you! I know a baby won't be using it for a long time but we plan using it somewhere else in the room. The accessories that come with this new set are gorgeous as well!

New SetPros: Lots of color! Looks great with a white crib! Great accessories! My favorite bedding set!
Cons: Costs around $180. Only a 6 piece set.
Old Set
Pros: Super Cheap (costs around $80 with shipping)! A 13 piece set!
Cons: Not very colorful. Might look washed out with a white crib. I haven't seen it in person.

Now while we were out shopping this weekend, we stopped by a thrift store and came across a gorgeous micro-fiber rocking chair/recliner that was in near perfect condition! We couldn't pass up it either so we went ahead and bought it for the nursery! It is very comfortable and I fit in it SO well! Here is what it looks like.
Now for the layout of the room! It's a fairly small room and has an odd corner. One entire wall is unavailable for use because of the HUGE closet. I had to really concentrate on how I wanted to do this. Who knows if it will even work out how I have planned! I used the Better Homes & Gardens' room-arranger to set up the look. They allow you to put in all the measurements of the room and the furniture that will be used! It's pretty cool! So what do you think? Do you think it would work?Now for accessorizing! Here are a few things that we hope to put in the room! Some items will be handmade by me and others will be purchased!



  1. Cute cute cute ideas!! I like the first set a lot better, I think you're right about the second set looking "washed out" with the white crib. Love it!
    (sorry I comment on everything of yours, I hope it isn't annoying you!)

  2. I like the 2nd set better, but like you said...with the white crib I don't think it'll look as good as the first. So, #1 is my choice! I think the layout is cool, too! Oh, and all your cute accessories..TOO CUTE! You're good at this baby planning stuff :)


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