Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Our Insurance Battles.

After losing my job in May and then discovering I was pregnant, I always knew we would run into issues with insurance later on down the road. However, I did not know how big the issues would end up being!

One option I knew I would always have is COBRA. I called the school to find out some information on the program and I was informed that COBRA would be charging me $475 a month with minimal coverage! WHAT???? We can't afford that!

I then proceeded to check into other options only to be denied time and time again because of my "pre-existing condition".

Whoever decided pregnancy is considered a pre-existing condition should be shot. Just saying.

Nick and I went ahead and met with an insurance representative to go over our options. The best he could do for us was $399 a month with fairly decent coverage, but not the best for our financial situation. However, we went with this plan until we could find something better because, let's face it, my time was running out (my current coverage ends at the end of this month).

We are still doing our research and will probably check into what programs we qualify for. We are going to be tight on money these next few months, that's a given, but we are learning how to budget our money to best suit the needs of our family.

Now let's just pray our home will sell.


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