Saturday, November 12, 2011


This morning I went to my friend Leanne's house for brunch and of course, true to form, we spent hours chatting. It was great to spend time with such a dear friend and I really needed it. We had some really meaningful discussions and I left with a light heart.

Anyway, one of the things that came up was blogging and the reasons behind it. She shared with me how her blog has become a way to document her life and her children's lives and it really got me to thinking. What is the purpose of my blog? I mean really? Why do it?

I have come to realize lately that this blog has kind of become a mishmash of randomness and it really has no specific purpose. So I have decided to give it one and what better purpose than one that I find the most meaningful: to be myself. That may mean different things but basically I want to share my thoughts and my life with others.

I don't really feel the need to create fancy tutorials or projects that I think will draw readers in. I have discovered that I really am not great at that and so therefore I will leave it up to those who are! :) I don't want to spend a lot of time trying to impress others either. I honestly don't have the time or energy to focus a lot of my attention to this blog because I need to be focusing it on other things, like my family and my Lord. Because of this, my posts will be sporadic (which you are used to already) and will probably be short and centered on what is taking place in my life. Let's think of it as my public journal!

I don't want to sound haughty because, believe me, that is the last thing I want. I just want to be honest with you and with myself. I truly hope that I am not coming across as rude or conceited. I feel that it is important for me to share the purpose of my blog with those who read it and I really hope that will understand where I am coming from!

For those of you who blog, I'm sure you all came to this point in your blogging as well. So share with me, if you will. What is your purpose for blogging? I would really love to hear it! :)

Now I'm going to leave you with some seriously adorable pictures of a very adorable little girl! LOVE HER!

Thanks for stopping by and thank you especially for understanding my purpose! :) 



  1. Those pictures are fun! I still can't believe how much hair she has. The pumpkin patch is always a good time.

  2. Hello there! I came across your blog through pinterest and I think it's great, your purpose :) I started blogging so that family could keep up with what we were up to especially being able to see pictures of the kids since we live out of state from most of our friends and family. And still the same reason but I also blog to share places I have been, eaten or do to share with others. I love finding out about activities for the kids or places to go, so I try to do the same for others. Happy Blogging!


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