Thursday, March 31, 2011

Our "Adopted" Family

One of the hardest things about living in Colorado is being so far from all of our family. We miss them so very much and hate knowing that they are not a part of Addison's daily life. However, the Lord has truly blessed us with what we call an "adopted family". One of the greatest things about living here is our church home. Specifically, the people in it. We have grown to love and respect them so much.

On Thursday evenings we are a part of what we call "Home Group" which consists of a small group of people who meet in our pastor's home where we discuss things of the Lord. It is one of our much looked forward to events in our week because of the relationships we have developed. The great thing about our group is how diverse we are. Nick and I, along with another couple are by far the youngest in the group. The oldest couple is in their 60s and we consider them to be such great friends. Some of us are married while others of us are not. A few of us have young children and others have teenagers. Some have never had children and some are already grandparents. However, none of this matters because of the one thing we do have in common: the love for our Lord. Through Him we are a family.

For Home Group tonight we decided to do things a bit differently and meet for pizza prior to our meeting. We had such a blast just spending time together and chatting. Addison is by far the youngest member of our church and the first baby we've seen in many years so she is loved on by many. Our dear friend "Uncle Joe" is always the first to grab her from me so that I can have a chance to eat. He has such a way with her and she has really taken a liking to him as well. It was so much fun watching him feed her tonight while the rest of us ate our dinner. She seemed to be entranced by him! :)At our meetings, I usually do not need to worry about taking care of Addison because someone else is always more than willing to hold her!

The love we feel from this small group is one I can't explain because it comes straight from the Lord. Nick and I have grown so much in Christ since becoming a part of this group. We would not love this area near as much if it weren't for the people in it and for that we are very grateful!

Now, obviously, they will never replace our real families but they definitely do a great job of filling in!


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  1. I completely understand these feelings - I feel like God does an amazing job of comforting us when we need it the most in every area of our lives! And one of my biggest "hurts" is just missing my family, so He has brought an amazing church and lifegroup our way. So glad it's the same way for you!


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