Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My 3rd Mother's Day!

Sorry for the delay in these posts. I had every intention of posting but my amazing parents decided to come out for a surprise visit! They literally told us they were coming an hour before they left their driveway. It was such a great surprise! Anyway, I wanted to make sure to get all the time in with them that I could and posting on my blog was out of the question. I hope you understand! So back to my (newly) normal posting schedule.

Well since Father's Day was this past weekend, I figured I'd better blog about my Mother's Day first! :) This year marks my third year of being a mommy (which seems so surreal still) and I love it! I am not sure I can squeeze any more love out of this heart but I keep hearing that with each child, your love somehow manages to multiply!

I had such a fantastic Mother's Day! My husband pampered me all day long and I felt so incredibly special! :) I literally did not have to change a single diaper. It was AWESOME! He asked me what I wanted to do after church and, besides taking a nap, I said I wanted to do something outside with my family. So, since this was before the fire ban, we decided it would be fun to have a picnic and campfire up on our property in the mountains!

Addie loved sitting around the campfire in her "big girl camp chair". She thought the fire was pretty neat!

I loved watching my handsome husband start the fire and keep it going. What is it about a mountain man that is so attractive??? :)

We even brought our ornery dog with us since he is part of the family! He loved running all over the place and smelling out new things!

He and Addie had so much fun playing together. She would throw him some rocks and he would chase them...for some reason he never had an interest in returning them to her though!

I love our little family of 3 (4 counting our dog) so much but I know these next few years are going to be even more precious as we gain another sweet little girl!

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about how we spent our Father's Day! :)

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