Good evening everyone! Nick and I went on a little mini vacation to Steamboat Springs this week and we had such a good time! It was a much needed getaway and even though it rained most of our visit we were able to really relax and enjoy ourselves! Anyway, I wanted to share some of the pictures and experiences with all of you but there are so many that I am going to split it into separate posts so that I can show you certain experiences at a time, preferably in the order we experienced them! :)

We got to Steamboat Monday evening and wanted to just take some time to relax so we mosied our way around town a little bit and got to know the area fairly well. We checked into our motel, ordered some fantastic pizza and spent the evening cuddling in front of the t.v.! It was so nice! During this process we also decided on what sorts of things we would like to see and do. One of the very first things we decided we were going to do the next day was visit Fish Creek Falls. We had never seen a picture of them so we weren’t quite sure what to expect but we were not at all disappointed! They were absolutely gorgeous! It was such a nice hike too, not too long and not too steep! There were actually two different trails that you could take. One was where you could climb down to the bottom of the falls (sounds easy until you climb back up…hehe) and one was an easy trail that took you to a place where you could view the falls from above. We decided to try both! :)

The first trail we took was the one that led us down to the base of the falls. It was gorgeous! Here is a picture of us on a cute little bridge in front of the waterfall.CIMG2048

We then took the upper trail. Here is the view from up top. Isn’t it amazing???CIMG2061

And here we are in front of them again. This time with a different view. The guy who took this picture of us really knew what he was doing! :D CIMG2056

Well, we took a TON of pictures but those are 3 of my favorites so I decided to share them! I must tell you that my husband gets most of the credit for our vacation pictures! Picture taking is a passion of his. He likes to see how creative he can get and usually, if it is one of him, he told me exactly what to do and where to position myself! Haha! I will show you his fabulous photography skills in my next post, I promise! Until then, have a great rest of your Saturday!