Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our Trip to Steamboat: Yampa River Botanic Park

While in Steamboat we also decided to check out the Yampa River Botanic Park. As you know, Nick and I LOVE flowers so we were really interested in going. Well, as we were walking in the park, a couple of ladies (from Texas) came up to us and said “We just want to warn you that there is a bear stuck in the gardens!” Well, of course, if you know my husband then you know that makes us want to HURRY before it leaves! Haha! He practically sprinted to the gate so that we could catch a picture of it before it took off. As we were approaching it though we watched it cross in front of the gate and bound over the fence. My husband then proceeded to chase it down so that he could snap a picture. Now, I would share the pictures that he took but they turned out to be pretty blurry since the bear was on the run so here is a picture of one that looks VERY similar to it! ;)


After seeing the bear off, we then decided to take a stroll around the gardens. My fantastic husband took some wonderful pictures of the gorgeous flowers and so here are a few that were our favorites (he helped me pick out which ones to share with you)!




Nick’s fabulous reflection picture! :)


He wanted me to take a picture of his reflection so I did! :) I risked my life doing it too. He made me stand on some teeny rock in the pond! I seriously almost lost my balance trying to get a good picture. Oh the crazy things we do for a neat picture! :) CIMG2122

And here I am in front of one of the prettiest sections of the garden! We just loved all of the gorgeous colors! Can you tell it was a chilly day? CIMG2111

Well, I hope you enjoyed this portion of our trip! :D We certainly did! Now I am off to work in my own garden! I promise to share some pictures of it soon! We have had horribly strong winds here though and I am now missing many leaves off my poor pepper plants! We hope that the weather starts shaping up soon! It’s been too cold and windy for our taste! Until next time, have a great day!

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