Friday, June 12, 2009

Our Trip to Steamboat: Fishing Struggles

So I have already mentioned that while in Steamboat it rained, A LOT! Well not only was it rainy but it was cold too! Anyway, Nick brought all of his fly fishing gear and so of course he wanted to use it so we waded through the weeds to the banks of the Yampa River. Now, you must give my husband a break because the water was moving EXTREMELY quick due to the rain and snowmelt so it was difficult to fish in. However, he still attempted it.

Check out that wonderful form! He’s a skilled fisherman! :)


He caught a fish!


NOT! :) I would say he’s snagged.


So instead of losing his brand new fly what does he do? He goes wading in the almost freezing water!


The water was so cold he snapped my scissors before even using them! It was a good pair too!


Well, after drying him off, he was done. He did not want to fish anymore so we decided to take a break for awhile. However, we did want to check out Steamboat Lake so we drove the half hour up and hiked down to the lake. It was absolutely gorgeous!


I decided to try my hand at fishing.


Let’s just say it was a failed attempt! :(

Well, there you have it. Our fishing failures! We are usually pretty good fishermen (and women) but didn’t feel like sticking it out due to the cold and the rain. I guess you can call us wimps but hey, who wants to be miserable on vacation? Anyone? Nope, us neither! :D Well, either way we still had fun and can say that we have been fishing on the Yampa river and Steamboat lake. Even if it was a lost cause!

Well, that’s it for this evening. I am off to bed! My sister-in-law and her husband are bringing their 3 (fabulous) kiddos on vacation here this next week and I need to wake up EARLY so I can finish cleaning my house! I am excited for their visit and will have to share some photos with you! Until later, take care!

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