Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hiking with the In-Laws

(Before I forget, I am currently working on the tutorial for the skirt I made Addison. You will have to be patient with me since this is my first sewing tutorial!)

Nick's parents came for a visit last weekend and so, like always, we tried to pack a lot into one weekend. One of the highlights from their visit was our hike up South Colony which runs between Humboldt and Broken Hand peaks. Our original goal was to get to the lakes at the top but Nick's mom's knee started to bother her so we weren't able to make it all the way. We did hike for a good 3 1/2 miles though!
Here we are with Nick's dad at the trail head. Our friends Ryan and Leanne let us borrow their child backpack carrier for Addison and she absolutely loved it! :)
Of course we took time to take some pictures of God's creation!
Our family picture in front of Broken Hand Peak. Gorgeous!
Happy baby!
The trail ran along a gorgeous mountain stream and there were many different areas to see some beautiful cascades.
Sitting in a snowbank.
Since the water took over part of the trail, we had to find ways to cross it.

Addison with her grandparents.
Stopping for a lunch break. :)

Trip was such a good boy.
We let him run up ahead of us on our way down. I think he ran through every puddle he could find!
Addison started to fall asleep in the backpack and didn't look too comfortable.
Nick carried her the rest of the way down the mountain.

My mom and grandparents are currently visiting so of course it's been super crazy! We have hardly had any time to sit down. In fact, we have had to eat dinner after 8:00 every night this week! I love the company but part of me is ready to be back on a normal schedule!


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