Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Addison's First Time Swimming

 On our way back from Iowa last month we decided to spend the night in a hotel and the hotel we stayed at just happened to have a heated indoor pool! :) Of course, since I had bought an adorable little swimsuit for Addison while I was visiting, we wanted to take Addison swimming for the first time! Nick and I didn't bring our suits but we managed to find Nick some cheap-o trunks at Walmart so it worked out great!
At first, Addison wasn't so sure what to think of the water. Luckily it was really warm so she eventually relaxed. She loves baths so I'm sure this was just like a huge bathtub for her! :)
I was pretty nervous watching from the edge of the pool but Nick was great with her. 
He let her splash her arms and legs a little and then did some cute little spins.
 She didn't want to stay in there very long but I think she had fun while it lasted! :)

Thanks for letting me share this fun experience with you! I promise I will be sharing more creative things in the near future. I am in the middle of a really fun project right now that I will hopefully be able to share with you soon! I'm really excited about it!


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