Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Our Weekend Recap: Nana & Papa Came to Visit!

I apologize for the lack of posts over the weekend. Friday afternoon my dad called to let me know that he and my mom were coming out for a quick visit! Woohoo! Apparently he had a rough day at work and he really just needed to get away. As I mentioned before, he owns his own business so he can do things like that! :) The fun thing was that it was a surprise for my mom as well. She had really been hoping they could come out for a visit since she is done with school for the summer but every weekend seemed to get filled up. So Friday evening, after dad got done with work, they loaded up the truck and drove 900 miles to get here by Saturday morning! Needless to say, my house wasn't too clean but they were forgiving and actually helped me get it cleaner than it has been since Addison was born. I appreciated it SO much!

So anyway, we didn't just clean while they were here. We spent a lot of time outdoors since the weather was gorgeous. We didn't get to spend near as much time as we would like since the smoke from all these fires is really affecting our air quality. We did spend some time swinging on our porch swing and just relaxing. We also took a nice drive down to Lake Isabel on Sunday afternoon so my mom could take some pictures.

Speaking of my mom's pictures. She has just started developing her photography skills and I can't even believe how far she's come! She is so amazingly talented! I keep telling her she should start a blog but she hasn't yet. She does however have a 365 project and a Facebook page where others can view her pictures. She has quite the following too!

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures that she took over the weekend. Click on them if you want to see them bigger, which I highly recommend!
 I love that Addie is wearing Papa's hat in this picture!
The two above are my favorites (for obvious reasons)!
 Even though it was really smokey, these pictures turned out really great! This is the first glimpse of the mountains when you are headed towards our town.
This is an old homestead that can be found on the way to the lake.
 Here is a picture of Lake Isabel
She didn't even realize there was an ant on the flower!
 I couldn't decide which of these I liked better so I am sharing both of them with you! Aren't wild irises gorgeous?
She took this just before the sun started to set last night.

Isn't she talented?

This morning they headed back for Iowa. :( We already miss them but it was great to spend a couple of days with them, even if it was an extremely short trip. Now we have Nick's parents visiting this weekend and then next week my mom is coming back out with my grandparents. This will be their first visit and they are thrilled about it!

I guess this is my advanced warning: my posts are definitely going to be sporadic this month!


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