Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our Current Deck Decor

When we lived in our previous home I had a fantastic clothesline! I loved it. There is nothing better than sun dried laundry fragranced with the fresh mountain air (not to mention the money you save)! :) So when we moved into our current home, I knew we were going to have to install a clothesline somewhere. Who knew that somewhere would be so difficult to find! Let me put it this way, our grassy areas are very limited and those we do have are on an incline. Not exactly the ideal location for a clothesline. I can just imagine myself tumbling head over heals while trying to hang my laundry. Not pretty.

Anyway, my husband has instead, built a makeshift clothesline on our deck that stretches the entire length. It attaches to our swing on one end, and the rail on the other. It's not exactly what we had in mind, but it works. It's amazing what you will be ok with when you are desperate enough.

Alright, the cloth diapers aren't really going to be staying as our permanent deck decor but we will be updating our deck these next few weeks! I'm absolutely thrilled about it! Our deck is (in my opinion) the worse part of our home. It just makes our house look horrible! Picture this: peeling paint on the door, very faded stained wood, unfinished skirting, mismatched flower pots randomly placed throughout, and a lovely unpainted plywood wood box to finish up the look. UGLY!

I'm excited for this project to be finished so I can show you the before and after pictures. You will be amazed! :)

Until then, I'll just show you our makeshift clothesline!



  1. Love those sun-bleached diapers :)

  2. Hello, How did you attach the line to the deck? Did you have to drill holes into the railing? I'm considering a similar set up for cloth diapers, but I'm hesitant to drill a retractable clothesline into the railing of our deck.



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