Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What Addison Wore Wednesday (4/7/11-4/13/11)

We had so many poopy blow-outs this week! There were quite a few days that Addie spent most of her time in just a diaper partly because it was warm inside and partly because she kept ruining her outfits! Haha! Let me just say it this way: I wasn't able to get a picture of Addison's outfits every day. :(

P.S. Most of this week's pictures were last-minute thoughts and therefore are not of good quality. Sorry about that!

Poopy Blow-Out Day 1
Diaper: BumGenius

I almost forgot to take a picture! This was right before bed, hence the upset baby!
Onesie: Carters via Ross
Pants: Wal-Mart

Saturday: No Picture

SundayThis is not what Addison wore to church but daddy changed her diaper and her clothes before I remembered to take a picture!
Onesie: Wal-Mart
Bow: Family Dollar

Another poopy blow-out day. I at least put a bow on her head for the picture! :)
Diaper: FuzziBunz
Bow: Handmade by me!

Dress: Unknown (It was given to us as a gift and I can't remember the brand. Plus I'm too lazy to walk downstairs and look. Sorry!)
Bow: Wal-Mart

Shirt: The Children's Place
Jeans: Wal-Mart
Socks: Target

Ok, so honestly, does anyone even enjoy these posts? I feel like I'm boring you all to death with what Addison wore. If you don't care, I'll do something different. :) Let me know!

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  1. Thanks for the nice comments, Stephanie!

    Seriously? Your daughter is ADORABLE!!!!!


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