Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thirsties Thursday! :)

Not THAT kind of "Thirsty Thursday"! This post is going to be all about our Thirsties Duo Wraps and prefolds! :)
Surprisingly, I LOVE using prefolds. I originally bought them because I wanted to be able to cloth diaper Addison as a newborn but I didn't want to pay an arm and a leg for newborn diapers. I figured I'd use them as long as I had to and then I would be done. Well, it turns out that it's one of my preferred methods of cloth diapering now! Even my husband agrees! He actually told me to make sure I get some bigger sizes for when she gets older! WHAT??? :) So, with that said, I am going to do a review on how the Thirsties Duo Wraps work.

First of all, here is what you will need in order to use this cloth diapering system.
  1. A Thirsties Duo Wrap cover: We bought our covers from Kelly's Closet but there are many other retailers who carry them. The covers come in a two size system. Size one is for babies 6-18 lbs and size two is for babies 18-40 lbs. The covers have a snap down rise that will adjust to fit the size of your baby. You also have the choice of a velcro or snap closure. These covers also come in a variety of cute colors and prints.
  2. Some sort of prefold diaper. We actually found a really good deal on our prefold diapers on ebay but of course there are online stores who carry them as well. Folding the prefold is actually much easeir than I thought it would be. I watched a couple of different tutorials on YuTube and I figured it out! Nick figured it out right away too!
  3. A Snappi or diaper pins: We purchased our Snappis from Kelly's Closet but again, you can find them on other sites as well. The Snappis are a cinch to use so we chose them over diaper pins.
So why do we love this system so much??? Let me tell you!

First of all, this system is by far the cheapest! You don't have to use the Thirsties covers but they are one of the cheapest out there and we love the fact that they have the inner leg gussets.

My husband's number one reason for choosing this system over the others is that he finds it to be the easiest because he doesn't have to worry about what liner goes with what diaper. He knows that the prefolds go with the covers and he doesn't have to spend time making sure he has the correct diaper matched with the correct liner.

We both love the fact that the prefolds hold A LOT of you-know-what! :) When compared to our pocket diapers, we have had far less leaks and those we have had were because of user error!

I think my biggest reason for liking this system is the fact that the diaper is really trim. I haven't had any issues fitting it under her clothes! Plus, isn't it cute? In my opinion, Thirsties has cuter colors and prints when compared to other cloth diaper companies.

Well there you have it! If we haven't convinced you yet, we probably never will until you try it for yourself. I had heard about it from others and was doubtful until experiencing it myself. Now, if my husband is a fan of it, shouldn't everyone be? Haha! If you have any questions, be sure to let me know!


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