Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Aren't these fantastic? I'm thinking I might do these for my kids next year!

These little wrist bands are way too cute! What a fun craft they would be!

Check out these fun hand warmers! I wouldn't mind using them!

Oh my goodness! These just crack me up!

I made some of these for my kiddos this year (mine weren't near as cute)...

and I printed these for them to color with it!

Isn't this a fantastic idea? I wish I could come up with something this clever!

Doesn't this sweet puppy just melt your heart? I would totally buy this pattern!

This just blows me away! It's all paper. Now what woman WOULDN'T want this? I'm not a huge rose fan but if it's going to look this good forever, give it to me! :)

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