Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our Camera Sux!

Seriously. It's awful. It's the same one that I have had since high school. I tried to take some pictures with it today and they look pathetic. It is almost impossible to take a crisp picture with it. We had a good one but my husband sold it to his parents over Christmas break. Now we are stuck with my ancient one and I am really getting sick of it! I was hoping to share some pictures of the delicious meal that I cooked the other day but nope. No such luck. Sorry. I hate not posting my own pictures but what other choice do I have? Haha! The good news, he has one picked out. The bad news, it is a new model that won't be released until mid March. It's not exactly what I wanted.

I wanted this one....

but this one is not affordable right now.

So instead we are getting this one.

It's much closer to our price range (and cute too)!

Until then, here is the camera I am stuck with. It used to be great. That was until I had something better to compare it to. I am sure my parents will understand why I bash the camera they bought me. My mom DOES have the Nikon D90 (lucky)! :)

So anyway, that is my whining post for the evening. Sorry for not having any personal photos lately. It happens I guess.

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