Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fabulous Deals on gDiapers!

As I have already mentioned mutliple times, Nick and I plan on cloth diapering our future children and we feel that it is never too early to start preparing for them! We have looked at many different cloth diapering companies and felt that what would work best for us is cloth diapering with an occasional hybrid twist. What I mean is, we are leaning towards always using straight cloth unless we are traveling (which we do occasionally). Since our family is in Iowa, we tend to be stuck in the car for long road trips about 3 times a year. Originally we had planned on just doing disposables during these 13 hour trips but then I stumbled upon the gDiapers. The gDiapers not only have the full cloth option but they also have disposable liners that you can actually flush down the toilet! WOAH! We decided that this option was one we were definitely going to check into. Now, the problem with the disposable liners is that the can be quite expensive but, in reality, not much more than a case of disposable diapers. We would mainly use gDiapers as a cloth diapering system anyway so there is no need to buy tons of disposables if we are only going to use them when we are on the road.

Anyway, I never planned on buying diapers this early but then I stumbled upon a deal that I literally could not pass up!
Yes, you read that right. has an amazing sale happening right now! 6 gDiapers with cloth liners AND a case of disposable liners for only $89.99! WHAT? I know. Get this though, if you are a first time buyer through you will get $10.00 off if you use the code DEJX9488 and they also provide a $10.00 mail in rebate if you spend over $75.00. Just print and mail this rebate sheet. Now how is that for savings?

There is one other deal they have if you are not interested in the disposable liners and you just want to only use regular cloth inserts.

There is also a package of 6 cloth diapers with the cloth inserts for only $59.99 right now too! The $10.00 off applies to this package too!

Well, are you curious as to what I purchased? I ended up buying the first set in both smalls and mediums and they are due to arrive at my door on Monday! Now that's some crazy fast shipping! :) I will try to share some pictures of them as soon as they get here!

Until later, have a great night!

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