Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wonderful News About Your Sponsored Child!

We received an email yesterday with the title "Wonderful News About Your Sponsored Child!" Ah...I LOVE that kind of an email title. Why? Because I know exactly what it means. It means our child received a special kind of gift...adoption. You see, almost 4 years ago my husband and I decided to sponsor a child through Holt International.
So what is Holt International? Here is a short synopsis of what they are. This quote is taken directly from their website:Orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children around the world need love; they need belonging and security. At Holt International Children’s Services, we believe that families meet these needs better than any alternative. Holt International, a Christian organization founded over 50 years ago, continues to be a world leader in international adoption and child welfare programs that enable children to have families of their own. Holt International is dedicated to carrying out God’s plan for every child to have a permanent, loving family. So tell me. Who wouldn't want to take part in a program like that? Since we began sponsoring our very first little girl, Angelina, we have had 4 children get adopted with our help. We are now waiting to hear who our fifth little one is and we are so excited! :)

Check out these sweet children who still need to be adopted. Would you be willing to help a child find a loving family?

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